Post-Adoption Checklist for New Dog Owners

You’ve adopted a new dog and exciting times are sure to follow! But things at first might seem a bit daunting. If you’re not sure what to do after you bring a new fur baby home, this post-adoption checklist is for you!
You’ve adopted a new dog and exciting times are sure to follow! But things at first might seem a bit daunting. If you’re not sure what to do after you bring a new fur baby home, this post-adoption checklist is for you!

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Congratulations on adopting your new dog!

To help you get through the first few days and weeks with your pup, we have prepared this awesome checklist for you. We also have some tips on how to get through the first few weeks as you and your BFF-to-be adjust to the new changes in your lives.

Most of our readers are allergy sufferers, and if this is you, we’ve also got some extra tips that could go a long way!

Checklist For Your Dog

Here’s a checklist to follow when you bring a new dog home from a shelter.

First thing on the checklist is to spend time with your new fur baby! Get to know each other and develop a connection.

To make sure your dog is happy, healthy and safe, here are some other essentials you’ll also need to provide for your dog:

Initial Vet Visit

Best to book a vet appointment as soon as you can once the adoption of your new fur baby is confirmed. Some shelters may have a free vet voucher to help you save on costs.


Annual registration with your local council may be mandatory if your dog is older than 3 months. This can vary depending on your location so be sure to check this out.


If you have adopted a wee little pup, you will have to ensure they upkeep their vaccinations to protect them against diseases. Older dogs may already have completed all their vaccinations.


Make sure your current contact details are on the microchip register so your pet can be returned to you if they ever get lost!

Desexing Surgery

A one-off surgery that offers health and behavioural benefits. Check with the adoption shelter if this has been taken care of by them.

Heartworm Treatment

An injection or medicated treatment offered by your vet to protect your dog against a potentially fatal disease.

Intestinal Worm Treatment

Medicated treatment every three months to protect your dog from parasites. Check with the shelter when the last treatment was administered.

Tick & Flea Treatments

Another medicated treatment you can provide to protect against nasty ticks and fleas.

Training & Obedience Classes

As much for you as your dog, you both will need to get into a routine together and ensure that your pup follows your rules. If you’re an allergy sufferer, this is crucial to reduce the spread of allergens in your home!

Exercise & Socialisation

Make sure you take your dog out for daily walks to release pent up energy, provide mental stimulation, interact with the world and to reduce boredom.


Choosing the right bedding is important

Some products you’ll also need to have on hand before bringing your new dog home:


Make sure the council and ID tags are attached and contain your current contact details.


To walk your dog.

Anxiety Jacket

Or other pet anxiety products that can help your dog feel more at ease in your home.


Ideally warm, comfortable and clean! If it’s a second-hand bed, make sure it’s 100% flea free.

Outdoor Shelter

A safe space your dog can retreat to in your backyard. Ideal for it to be weatherproof and protected from the sun, wind and rain.

Solid Fencing and Gates

Make sure your dog is safe and can’t escape!

Food and water bowls

Ideal to have at least 2-4 on hand.

Toys and Stimulation

Toys offer more than just some fun. They are essential to your dog’s mental stimulation and help reduce boredom!

Grooming Items

Brush, dog shampoo, hair and nail clippers, dog tooth care products etc. Make sure you got these on hand or you have appointments with your local dog groomer to ensure your dog is it tip-top shape!

Car Harness or Crate

Keeps your dog safe when driving.

Make sure to include your dog in activities inside and outside your home. Interact and play games together on a regular basis.

Checklist For Allergy Sufferers

If you’re like most of our audience and suffer from allergies, or anyone in your family does, here are some pro tips to help keep your sanctuary as free from allergens as possible!

Vacuum Cleaner

It’s likely you’ll need to upgrade it or buy special attachments to handle pet hair and dander. We also suggest keeping extra filters on hand and replacing them frequently.

Air Purifier & Filters

We suggest that you don’t skimp out on quality here. A good air purifier is worth its weight in gold to offer you and your family peace of mind and restful nights. Make sure you opt for a model that is designed for pet owners.

Pet Wipes

In addition to the regular grooming practices your fuzzball will need, we suggest you keep loads of wipes on hand. Make sure your pup is wiped down after outdoor adventures to stop outdoor allergens, like grass and pollen, entering your home.

Smart Pet Products

The reality is that we tend to live busy lives and sometimes can’t always stay on top of our usual home or pet care practices. That’s where smart products can help keep your space free from allergens without you even thinking about it!

So there you have it folks! All the things you’ll need to factor in once you adopt a dog. For more reading, check out our guide on how to handle the first month as your household adjusts to its new routine!

Hypoallergenic Homes

Hypoallergenic Homes

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Hypoallergenic Homes is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate programs. We may earn income when you click on a link. Thank you for helping us deliver the best possible content for our readers.

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