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Are Basenjis Hypoallergenic? Tips for Allergy Sufferers

Basenjis are a wonderful companion in any home. And yes, they're hypoallergenic! Find out why Basenjis make such a great hypoallergenic and allergy friendly pet to bring into your home.
Basenjis are a wonderful companion in any home. And yes, they're hypoallergenic! Find out why Basenjis make such a great hypoallergenic and allergy friendly pet to bring into your home.

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Basenji fans, are you wondering if this breed is a good fit even if you have dog allergies?

Renowned for their hunting prowess and intelligence, the Basenji dog breed uses both sight and sound to hunt prey. Making a fine companion for hunters or anyone looking for a quiet yet intelligent breed – a Basenji may be the perfect fit for you and your family.

If you’re prone to dog allergies, in this article we’re diving deep into whether Basenjis are hypoallergenic and how you can reduce allergies in your home if you have one of these fine hunting dogs. True to our style, we have left no stone unturned!

Read on and have all your questions answered!

Are Basenjis Hypoallergenic?

Yes, Basenjis are considered to be hypoallergenic. They have a reduced likelihood of triggering both breathing and skin allergies due to the following:

  • Basenjis shed less and have short fur
  • They have low dander levels
  • Minimal doggy odor
  • Minimal slobber or drooling
  • Reduced spread of allergens

Overall Hypoallergenic Score: 8/10


Read on for more of the juicy details, or skip ahead to our tips on keeping your home as allergy-free as possible!

Can Basenjis Still Trigger Allergies?

The types of allergies that most pets trigger are either breathing allergies or skin reactions and Basenjis are typically allergy-friendly on both accounts.

Probability of Causing Breathing Allergies: 3/10


Probability of Causing Skin Allergies: 2/10


BUT, (and it’s a huge but), “hypoallergenic” just means a reduced likelihood to trigger allergies. There isn’t a single animal that is guaranteed to never trigger allergic reactions. Period.

Really, it comes down to your sensitivities just as much as it is about the Basenji’s features. That’s why there’s a chance that your allergies can still be triggered. Your immune system is the judge on whether your allergies will be BFF’s with a Basenji or not.

We’ve got all the info about the hypoallergenic features of this wonderful breed below – but nothing beats spending time around one (safely, of course) and testing out your reactions.

If you are highly sensitive to pet allergies, do the right thing and consult a medical professional before bringing a dog home

Do Basenjis Shed?

Yes, Basenjis shed. But not as much as other breeds, making them a low shedding and hypoallergenic breed. Not only do they shed less, but they also don’t tend to leave much hair around the house.

Shedding Levels: 2/10


Hair Length: 1/10


They are crazy about their self-grooming routine, almost as much as cats are! Coupled with the fact that they have short smooth coats, this breed is a good choice for allergy-prone households or anyone who is a bit relaxed with their vacuuming routine!

Something to keep in mind is that Basenjis are first and foremost a hunting breed. So it’s likely they’ll spend a lot of time outdoors.

Even though they have shorter fur and less outdoor allergens get trapped in it, we strongly advise that you invest in some good dog wipes to reduce the spread of outdoor allergens in your home.

Some of our top picks include:

Bark Logic

  • For paws and face
  • Made in the USA
  • Contain no sulfates, phthalates, parabens, PEG’s, formaldehyde, artificial fragrances or dyes

Arava Pet Eye Wipes

  • 100% biodegradeable
  • Free of chemicals and bleach
  • Enriched with eye sensitive natural ingredients, vitamins and Dead Sea minerals

For more information, please see our comprehensive guide to hypoallergenic dog wipes.

How a Basenji’s Size Affects Allergies

Being a small to medium sized dog, Basenjis have less hair and dander to shed than larger dogs. Coupled with the fact that they shed less than many other dogs and their hair length is quite short, this should be music to an allergy sufferer’s ears!

While there’s no guarantee that your allergies won’t be triggered with a Basenji around, they sure do have a lot of things working in their favour.

Basenji Dander & Saliva Levels

Most people with dog allergies react to the protein that’s found in a dog’s saliva or dander. So we’ve looked at each element for a Basenji so you get a sense of how these factors may affect your exposure to canine allergens in your home.

Drooling Levels: 2/10


Dander Levels: 1/10


The fact that Basenjis have small to medium sized bodies means that they have low surface area for dander production. Add to it that they naturally have a low dander production rate, makes them a perfect choice for many allergy sufferers all over the world.

Just like Schnauzers and Poodles, Basenji dogs shed dander once every month, thus keeping the presence of the allergens low.

As for drooling, they are also the perfect example of a low drooling dog breed. With a Basenji, you will never have to worry about finding slobber spots all over your home and clothes!

Grooming and Coat Maintenance

are basenji hypoallergenic

Being an intelligent and alert dog, Basenjis have been likened to cats in more than one way.  Other than being independent and aloof, Basenjis are very clean and prone to meticulous self-grooming. They are almost odor-free by nature.

Maintenance: 3/10


Ease of Grooming: 8/10


Risk of Allergen Exposure: 3/10


How often should you wash a Basenji?

Basenjis are self-grooming dogs and low shedders, so they don’t need to be washed regularly unless they get into something messy like mud. They are odorless; therefore, you only need to wash them a couple of times a year. Bathing them too often can result in excessive dryness of their skin, increased dander production, and flaking.

However, with the right shampoo, like the Healthy Breeds Oatmeal and Aloe Dog Shampoo, you will never have to worry about your dog’s skin becoming excessively dry. This particularly good shampoo provides relief for sensitive, scaling, and itchy skin.

How do you groom a Basenji?

A Basenji does a huge percentage of its own upkeep and grooming. However, you must wipe down its coat with a hound glove or a soft-bristle brush at least once a week. Brushing helps distribute skin oil throughout its coat; therefore, make sure you brush it using a Hertzko Bristle Brush. Hertzko brush has soft bristles that can get rid of trapped dirt, dust, tangles, and dander. Click here to purchase the Hertzko brush.

Tips for Allergy Free Living With A Basenji

Basenjis are brilliant dogs, but very difficult to train. Therefore, puppy training classes and early socialization is a necessity.

Training Basenjis can be quite challenging since they are fiercely independent dogs. However, they can learn at a very fast rate in a rewarding and encouraging atmosphere. Basenjis can also lose interest very quickly; therefore, the training sessions have to be between 5 and 10 minutes long.

To prevent the spread of allergens in your home, here’s a list of things you should train your Basenji in from the start:

  • Potty training: urine contains the protein many are allergic to
  • Maintain dog free zones of your home
  • Avoid them jumping on your couch or textiles areas of your home
  • Stay off your bed and ideally out of your bedroom
  • Avoid shaking or grooming indoors

You may also need to train them to maintain the regular grooming practice you have. Many animals don’t naturally take to having their fur brushed or the baths. Get your Basenji used to these practices as early on as you can.

Popular Hypoallergenic Basenji Mixes

Italian Greyenji

An Italian Greyenji is a cross between a Basenji and an Italian Greyhound. An Italian Greyenji is one of the most popular Basenji mixes which possesses the characteristics of both a Basenji and an Italian Greyhound.

Italian Greyenjis have great speed, endurance, and determination. They can also participate in a rally, obedience, and agility competitions.

Since both breeds are hypoallergenic, this mixed breed is also considered to have hypoallergenic features as well.


A Chisenji is a cross between a Basenji and a Chihuahua. It is a small to medium sized muscular dog that is always alert. Chisenji displays Chihuahua-like friendliness towards people.

Since Chihuahuas are not really considered hypoallergenic, it’s a 50-50 chance with a Chisenji as well. If it’s coat takes after the Basenji parent with minimal dander production and low shedding, there’s a chance it may be hypoallergenic to you.


Labrasenji is a cross between a Basenji and Labrador Retriever. A Labrasenji is an intelligent and loving family pet. However, it is quite stubborn, and training it can be challenging for an inexperienced owner.

Labradors have been dubbed the most popular dog breed for many years, which is a real same for allergy sufferers who want one of these pups! A Labrasenji mix may be a good alternative, though again it depends on the individual pup and whether it takes its coat characteristics from the Basenji parent.

So there you have it folks, that’s everything there is to know about hypoallergenic Basenjis. If you decide to bring one into your home, we hope you enjoy an allergy free time with your newfound furry friend!

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