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Are Oriental Shorthair Cats Hypoallergenic? Tips for Allergy Sufferers

Wondering if Oriental cats are hypoallergenic and safe to bring into your home? In this guide, we cover all the details allergy sufferers need to know.
Wondering if Oriental cats are hypoallergenic and safe to bring into your home? In this guide, we cover all the details allergy sufferers need to know.

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Fans of Oriental Shorthair cats, would you like to know if this breed is hypoallergenic?

Oriental Shorthair cats are known as one of the world’s smartest cat breeds. An interesting fact we discovered about this breed is that it is closely related to the Siamese. It has a similar body and head type as the modern Siamese. But unlike the Siamese, Oriental Shorthairs are available in a wider range of colors.

Thinking of getting one but unsure about your allergies? We have committed ourselves to allergy sufferers to find out if the Oriental Shorthair cats can be ideal for your houses. True to our style, we have gone straight to the details on whether the Oriental Shorthair is hypoallergenic.

Let’s dig in!

Are Oriental Shorthair Cats Hypoallergenic?

Luckily, the answer to this question is yes. No cat is 100% non-allergenic; however, the Oriental Shorthair is one of the breeds that typically causes little to no allergies. Being related to Siamese cats, the Oriental Shorthair cats are known to produce less allergens compared with other cats.

The top reasons Oriental Shorthair cats are considered hypoallergenic include:

  • Low Fel d1 production rate
  • Low shedding rate
  • Have short hair
  • Easy to maintain

Overall Hypoallergenic Score: 7/10


Pets can cause a wide array of allergies, including breathing and skin allergies. It really depends on your sensitivities, however. Some people have sensitive skin and are more prone to contact dermatitis, whereas others are more at risk of breathing allergies from inhaling allergens.

Luckily, the Oriental Shorthair has a low likelihood of causing either.

How to Know If Oriental Shorthair Is Hypoallergenic to You

Cat allergies are usually triggered by hair, saliva and the dead skin cells shed by these lovely creatures.

Even hypoallergenic cats like Oriental Shorthair can cause allergies in highly sensitive individuals. As mentioned above, it just depends on your sensitivities.

So as far as Oriental Shorthairs go for triggering skin or breathing allergies:

Probability of Causing Breathing Allergies: 4/10


Probability of Causing Skin Allergies: 3/10


The main thing people with breathing issues have to worry about is shedding. It’s not just about the loose hair you’ll come into contact with. It’s also about the allergens that are trapped in the fur being released as well.

Things like dander, pollen, dust and outdoor allergens can all be released into your home as your cat sheds.

Skin allergies are caused by direct exposure to substances containing allergy-causing proteins such as Fel d1.

If you want all the sciency details, we will explain more why Oriental Shorthair has a low probability of affecting both breathing and skin allergies below!

Do Oriental Shorthair Cats Shed a Lot?

No, Oriental Shorthair cats are low shedding creatures, hence why they have lower probability of affecting breathing allergies.

These cats are related to the Siamese, therefore, it makes sense why they are not heavy shedders. Their sleek and short coats may also contribute to lower shedding levels.

Shedding Levels: 3/10


Hair Length: 2/10


Oriental Shorthair has a short to medium fur length and sports a glossy and short coat that lies close to its body. So, you shouldn’t expect to see piles of hair around your home when they do shed.

Plus, with proper grooming, you can reduce their shedding level even more.

Oriental Shorthair Saliva and Dander Levels

People with skin sensitivities are usually affected by the allergy-causing protein Fel d1 which is present in the cat’s urine, dander, and saliva.

For those with skin allergies, this protein is likely to be at the heart of your allergic reactions. As when living with any type of cat, it’s quite hard not to come into contact with it at some stage.

However, the Oriental Shorthair is one of the few breeds that you might be safe with as it naturally produces less Fel d1 than most other breeds.

Saliva Exposure: 2/10


Dander Levels: 2/10


The Oriental Shorthair’s medium-sized body calls for medium-to-high dander production rate. But, that is not the case, since this cat has not only has a lower Fel d1 levels, it also has a low dander production rate.

Just like most cats, Oriental Shorthair tend to lick themselves clean every day putting you at risk of touching their saliva. But since they have a low Fel d1 production rate, their drool has a low likelihood of causing allergies when trapped on their coat. What’s more, there’s a lower chance of it spreading throughout your home since they also don’t shed as much.

All in all, there are many characteristics about the Oriental Shorthair that make it relatively safe for most people. If you are highly sensitive to cats, it’s best to play it safe or to spend time around this breed before committing to bringing one home.

Oriental Shorthair Grooming and Coat Maintenance

oriental shorthair hypoallergenic

As you’ve probably noticed, proper grooming and coat maintenance can actually go a long way to lower your risk of allergies even more when living with a cat!

Oriental Shorthair cats are generally low maintenance creatures. These cats have a smooth, silky coat that is easy to groom. All you have to do is brush their coats with a rubber curry brush several times a week. To prevent tangles and mats, you should brush their coats with a stainless steel comb.

You can also rub down their coats using a damp piece of cloth to get rid of loose hair. A final shine with a soft piece of cloth or your hands will leave your cat’s coat gleaming!

Maintenance: 2/10


Risk of Allergen Exposure: 4/10


Ease of Grooming: 3/10


Oriental Shorthair cats are generally clean cats that do an excellent job of self-grooming. Therefore, they don’t require regular baths. These cats should only be washed when they get into something nasty and can’t clean themselves.

Just make sure you wash them with the right shampoo that will not leave their coat and skin dry.

If you’re worried about your allergies flaring up during grooming, it may be worth getting someone else to take care of this on your behalf. You can also try wearing a face mask and rubber gloves to minimise your exposure as much as possible!

Tips for Managing Allergies With An Oriental Shorthair Around

No cat is 100% guaranteed to be allergy free. So, regardless of your feline pal’s hypoallergenic status, you must always be looking for ways of reducing allergens in your home environment.

Remember, even hypoallergenic cats still produce allergens, so here are a few tips to help you manage allergies with an Oriental Shorthair around.


Oriental Shorthair cats are highly intelligent creatures that enjoy playing time and interaction. They are fast learners and can be taught to do anything, including walking on a leash. However, this doesn’t mean that you can teach them anything. We recommend that you teach them the following:

  • Not to lick you, especially if you are allergic to their saliva
  • To keep off your bed and other textile surfaces
  • To stay within your residence’s borders
  • To use the litter box
  • To stay out of your wardrobe

Fortify Your Home

Cats are mischievous creatures that can mess up and break the rules when you are not looking. Therefore, you should fortify your home with the following:

  • Get rid of some textile surfaces which may trap allergens
  • Get a high-quality vacuum cleaner with a pet hair attachment
  • Install HEPA filters
    Get a high-quality air purifier
  • Always keep your allergy meds nearby

Final Thoughts

While Oriental Shorthair cats are hypoallergenic and typically seen as being safe for most people with cat allergies, remember that it comes down to your sensitivities.

If you can, try and spend time around this breed before bringing one home!

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