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Are Munchkin Cats Hypoallergenic? Tips for Allergy Sufferers

Curious about whether Munchkin cats are hypoallergenic? We cover all essential details allergy sufferers need to know! Read our article to get the full scoop.
Curious about whether Munchkin cats are hypoallergenic? We cover all essential details allergy sufferers need to know! Read our article to get the full scoop.

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Lovers of Munchkin cats, would you like to find out if this breed is hypoallergenic?

Munchkin cats, also referred to as the Sausage cats, are known as one of the most intelligent cats on the planet, with some people calling it ‘’highly intelligent’’. An interesting fact we uncovered about the Munchkins is that this breed is considered the original dwarf cat breed. It is one of the newest cat breeds with very short legs that are caused by a natural genetic mutation.

We are committed to allergic families all over the world to find out if this breed is a safe option for your homes. We have gone straight to the deets on whether the Munchkins are hypoallergenic or not.

So, please read on!

Are Munchkin Cats Hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, the Munchkin cats are not considered to be hypoallergenic as they can trigger allergies in sufferers. Even though they shed less than some breeds, these cats can still cause allergies due to the allergy-causing proteins that affect most people with cat allergies.

Overall Hypoallergenic Score: 4/10


The leading cause of allergies to Munchkin cats is the Feline d1 (Fel d1) allergy-causing protein present in their saliva, skin, and urine. And since all cats produce this protein, no cat is a 100% allergy-free pet. Several cats naturally produce less of this protein, but the Munchkins are not one of them.

Do Munchkin Cats Shed a Lot?

No, Munchkin cats are moderate shedding cats that experience seasonal blowouts. Munchkins come with either long or short hair and by merely looking at them, you can easily know that these cats will shed more during summer.

Shedding Levels: 6/10


Hair Length: 5/10


The long-haired Munchkin has a silky coat while the shorthaired one has a medium-plush coat. Since either variation will have medium to long hair length, you will most likely notice their fur all over your clothes and furniture when they start shedding.

They will also likely shed more when there is a temperature change within your home’s environment, especially if things heat up more. If they feel stressed or bored, this can be another factor which leads to more shedding too.

How to Know If Munchkin Cats Are Hypoallergenic to You

Cat allergies are usually triggered by dander, saliva, urine, and the dead skin cells shed by our feline pals. These allergens cause a wide range of allergies, and this includes skin and breathing sensitivities. And we have rated Munchkins for both:

Probability of Causing Breathing Allergies: 7/10


Probability of Causing Skin Allergies: 8/10


Breathing allergies are caused by airborne allergens such as your cat’s fur and dander. And with the Munchkin’s moderate shedding level, you are generally not safe with this breed. However, if you visit a breeder or a shelter and spend time with a Munchkin cat without your breathing allergies being triggered, you may be off the hook!

For those with skin allergies, Munchkins produce several substances that can affect you. Skin allergies are triggered by direct contact with the Fel d1 allergy-causing protein in a cat’s dander, urine, and saliva, among other bodily fluids.

Therefore, it is a good idea to spend some time with this breed before getting one. If your skin gets itchy or if you notice any symptoms of eczema or contact dermatitis, you’re better off choosing a breed that naturally produces less Fel d1.

Munchkin Saliva and Dander Exposure

Cat allergies really do depend on an individual’s sensitivities; you might be safe if you are not affected by close proximity to Munchkin cats. However, that is highly unlikely for most people with cat allergies!

Saliva Exposure: 7/10


Dander Levels: 8/10


All cats, including the Munchkins, produce dander. Munchkins tend to release the dander and outdoor allergens trapped in their fur when shedding, and this can affect highly allergic individuals.

Just like all cats, Munchkins also love taking care of their coats numerous times during the day. Self-grooming can result in their saliva drying up all over their coats, and this can also trigger skin allergies.

So in either case, no matter what kind of allergic reaction you’re prone to, this breed may not be the best option for you. Feel free to check out our guide on hypoallergenic cats which include a few breeds that naturally produce less of the irritating proteins.

Munchkin Cat Grooming and Coat Maintenance

hypoallergenic munchkin cats

Many people believe that bathing their Munchkin frequently can help reduce their shedding levels. However, that is a misconception, since over-bathing them can make their skin and coat dry out, they typically produce more dander and shed more. And this means more allergens in your home!

Therefore, you should only wash your Munchkin once a month and make sure you wash him with the right shampoo that won’t irritate or dry out its skin.

Maintenance: 7/10


Ease of Grooming: 6/10


Risk of Allergen Exposure: 8/10


Even though Munchkin cats love cleaning themselves, you should brush their coats every day, even during the low shedding seasons. Proper and efficient grooming can help you manage their dander and shedding levels.

You can also brush their coats using a deshedding tool during the blowout seasons. The deshedding tool can help you get rid of most of the dead skin cells and loose hairs before they disperse throughout your home.

Tips for Reducing Allergies With a Munchkin Around

Do you still want a Munchkin cat despite the allergies? Well, we understand. The Munchkins are beautiful, intelligent kitties. However, no cat is 100% hypoallergenic; therefore, it is always advisable to look for better ways of reducing allergies. So, here are some tips to help you reduce allergies.


Munchkins have a high IQ, and some forums have noted that these cats are friendly and curious with a brain that is ready to learn tricks. They are quite easy to train, which says a lot about their power of adaptability and concentration. These cats love puzzle toys, so as part of their training and development, we recommend that you teach them the following:

  • Proper potty training
  • To always stay in your house or apartment
  • To keep off your furniture and textile surfaces
  • To stay away from your bedrooms
  • To avoid licking you

Protect Your Home

We also recommend that you protect your home with the following allergy-fighting devices:

  • HEPA Filters
  • A high-quality vacuum cleaner with a pet hair attachment
  • A high-quality air purifier
  • Lint rollers
  • Cat wipes

Final Thoughts

As we have just mentioned, Munchkin cats are not really hypoallergenic, so we recommend that you protect yourself using the above tips. But, most importantly, always keep your allergy meds near you.

You can also reduce the number of surfaces in the house which may be prone to trapping fur and dander. And to be on the extra safe side, make sure you can hang out with a Munchkin cat to see how your allergies react before you bring one home!

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