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Are Korat Cats Hypoallergenic? Tips for Managing Allergies

Wondering if Korat cats are hypoallergenic and safe to bring into your home? In this guide, we cover all the details allergy sufferers need to know.
Wondering if Korat cats are hypoallergenic and safe to bring into your home? In this guide, we cover all the details allergy sufferers need to know.

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Korat cat enthusiasts, would you like to find out if this breed is hypoallergenic?

The Korat cat is known worldwide as an intelligent and active feline that forms a strong bond with its owner. Korat is a short-haired domestic breed with a silver-tipped blue-grey coat. Some of its distinguishing features include large green eyes and a heart-shaped head. Korat cats are also one of the world’s oldest stable cats.

For our allergic families, we have done thorough research on whether this breed is hypoallergenic or not. And, we are determined to find out if it can be a great option for your homes.

So, let’s dive right in…

Are Korats hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, Korats are not considered to be hypoallergenic. However, some people have experienced less severe reactions with this breed thanks to it having a single short coat layer that sits close to its body. Somehow, its fur doesn’t seem to float up when it’s being petted. It also produces less dander than many other breeds.

Overall Hypoallergenic Score: 5/10


Cat allergies are usually triggered by numerous factors though the biggest contributor is Fel d1 protein, among other proteins. These allergy-causing proteins are produced by all cats and can be found in their saliva, dead skin cells (dander) and urine.

Korats are no exception which is why they may still trigger allergies in people who are highly sensitive to cats. It just depends on your level of hypersensitivity and the types of allergies you are most prone to experiencing.

Breathing and skin allergies tend to be the allergies most frequently triggered by cats. So we’ll explore these more throughout the article.

Do Korats Shed a Lot?

No, Korats are low shedding cats. Just like most domestic cats, a Korat cat’s coat tends to thicken during winter. So, you should expect its shedding levels to increase during spring when it sheds the winter coat in preparation for the coming season.

Shedding Levels: 6/10


Hair Length: 2/10


Korats have short to medium hair length; therefore, you might not notice their fur all over your home when they shed. The risk you face when it comes to shedding is breathing allergies. Korat cats release all the dander and outdoor allergens stuck in their coats when they start shedding.

The fact that it sheds less does help with less fur and less allergens throughout your home but doesn’t necessarily make it as allergy-friendly as other breeds.

If you’re worried your Korat cat’s shedding might be an issue, make sure to groom your cat frequently. Proper grooming and maintenance can be a solid first line of defence!

How to Decide If Korat Cat Is Hypoallergenic to You

All cats have a probability of causing certain types of allergies. And as mentioned, the most common ones tend to be skin and breathing allergies. Since allergies depend entirely on your immune system, you might find that some breeds are ok to be around than others.

You might find that Korat cats are safer for you. Many other allergy sufferers have found this to be the case for a number of reasons. The best way to know is to spend time around the breed.

You can also consider your specific allergies and the things which trigger them.

Probability of Causing Skin Allergies: 6/10


Probability of Causing Breathing Allergies: 6/10


People with breathing allergies are usually affected by the amount of airborne particles produced, especially during high shedding periods.

Luckily, Korats are on the lower end of the scale than many other types of cats since they typically shed less and they produce less dander.

People with skin allergies have more things to worry about which we’ll get into in the next section.

Risk of Saliva and Dander Exposure

The biggest reason Korat cats aren’t really considered allergy-friendly comes down to the proteins they produce. 95% of cat allergies are caused by direct contact with the Fel d 1 protein. Fel d 1 can be found in this cat’s urine, saliva, and dander, among other substances.

So for people with skin allergies, your risk of allergies is tied to the risk of coming into contact with any of these substances.

Saliva Exposure: 5/10


Dander Levels: 4/10


Naturally, Korat cats produce less dander. If your cat has an underlying health condition or skin irritation, you might find it sheds more and is also releasing more dander as well. Given it also sheds less than other breeds, the risk of dander being spread throughout your home is typically lower.

When it comes to saliva exposure, Korats tend to lick themselves clean numerous times in a day. And this means that saliva will be trapped on their coats which can be dangerous to allergy sufferers.

With proper grooming and maintenance, you can control and limit the release of such allergens throughout your home!

Grooming and Coat Maintenance

are korat cats hypoallergenic

Korats are low maintenance cats that only require a little grooming. This breed has a short single coat that is quite easy to groom. All you have to do is brush it at least once per week to get rid of all the dead skin cells and hair.

Maintenance: 2/10


Ease of Grooming: 8/10


Risk of Allergen Exposure: 6/10


They are also generally clean creatures that take care of a huge percentage of their grooming needs. Therefore, they don’t need regular baths and should only be washed when they get into something nasty.

Make sure you wash them with the right shampoo that will leave their coats clean and that won’t irritate their skin.

Tips for Managing Allergies

In love with Korats and want one anyway, despite the allergies?

Korats are beautiful and active cats that love bonding with their owners. However, living with this breed can still be a great risk to your health if you have severe cat allergies.

But, your sensitivities play a key role here, so we recommend that you follow these tips to reduce your risk if your allergies are on the mild end.


Korat cats are loyal and highly intelligent creatures that can be taught anything. Being energetic and lively cats, we recommend that you teach them the following:

  • To stay out of your bedroom
  • To never lick you, if you are allergic to cat saliva
  • To keep off your furniture and textile surfaces
  • To always stay in your compound
  • Proper potty training can also come in handy

Fortify the House

All cats get mischievous, especially when you are not around or looking. Therefore, you should have additional protection to help you manage the spread of allergens. So, we recommend that you get the following allergy-combating devices:

  • HEPA filters
  • Air purifiers
  • A pet-friendly vacuum cleaner
  • Allergy-friendly cleaning products

Homes with fewer textile surfaces are generally easy to clean and keep allergen-free. Therefore, reducing the number of cushions, rugs, and throws in places where your cat spends most of his time can help you manage the spread of allergens in hard to reach places!

Final Thoughts

One of the best ways to know if a Korat cat is safe for your home is to safely spend time around one. Keep your allergy meds handy.

Cat allergies are the biggest reason most cats end up in a shelter so please be responsible before committing to bringing a Korat cat home! It pays to make sure a breed is hypoallergenic to you right from the start.

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