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Are Egyptian Mau Hypoallergenic? An Allergy-Friendly Guide

Curious about whether Egyptian Mau cats are hypoallergenic? We cover all essential details allergy sufferers need to know! Read our article to get the full scoop.
Curious about whether Egyptian Mau cats are hypoallergenic? We cover all essential details allergy sufferers need to know! Read our article to get the full scoop.

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Lovers of the Egyptian Mau, would you like to know if this cat breed is hypoallergenic?

Egyptian Mau cats are known worldwide as intelligent creatures that are aware of everything around them. These cats are usually sensitive to the feelings and needs of their family members, and this includes humans and other felines. An interesting fact we found out about this breed is that it is one of the world’s few naturally spotted domesticated cat breeds.

For allergy sufferers, we are determined to find out if the Egyptian Mau is an excellent option for their homes. We have gone straight to the details on whether Egyptian Mau cats are hypoallergenic and whether they can affect allergy sufferers or not!

Need more deets on this? Please read on!

Are Egyptian Mau Hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, the Egyptian Mau cats are not considered to be hypoallergenic. These cats have a high probability of affecting allergy sufferers. Despite the fact that Egyptian Mau has a gorgeous silky and resilient coat, it sheds continuously. A total nightmare for allergies!

Overall Hypoallergenic Score: 3/10


Just like all cats, Egyptian Mau cats produce Fel d1 protein. This allergy-causing protein is present in all cats; therefore, no cat is 100% guaranteed not to cause allergic reactions.

How Egyptian Mau Affects Breathing & Skin Allergies

Cat allergies in humans are usually triggered by contact with certain proteins and antigens that cats produce. Thus, all cats can trigger several allergies, and this includes skin and breathing sensitivities. We have rated this breed for both:

Probability of Causing Breathing Allergies: 5/10


Probability of Causing Skin Allergies: 6/10


People with breathing issues are affected by numerous airborne particles like pet hair and dander. Skin allergies, on the other hand, are caused by direct exposure to substances containing Fel d1 protein such as urine, dander, and saliva.

Below we get into each of these instances so you know how to avoid allergic reactions near an Egyptian Mau cat!

Do Egyptian Mau Cats Shed a Lot?

No, Egyptian Mau cats are moderate shedding creatures. These cats have silky and resilient coats though they shed constantly all year long.

Shedding Levels: 6/10


Hair Length: 4/10


Egyptian Mau has short to medium hair length, so you might not notice their fur all over your home when they shed. However, since they shed constantly, this means that they are always releasing allergens that are trapped in their fur.

This can be a nightmare for asthmatics or anyone prone to breathing sensitivities. More specifically, the types of allergens that they can release include dander (dried skin), saliva, pollen, dust and other fine particles trapped in their coats.

In saying this, it really does depend on your sensitivities too. People who are only mildly allergic to cats may find that the Egyptian Mau is ok for them to be around. Cat allergies also tend to fade away over time due to repeat exposure so you may find after a few months that your immune system adjusts.

Egyptian Mau Dander and Saliva Exposure

The main concern for individuals with skin allergies is the Fel d1 protein found in cat’s saliva, urine, and skin. But, again since allergies depend on your unique sensitivities, you can be safe if the Fel d1 protein in Egyptian Mau’s saliva or dander doesn’t affect you.

Saliva Exposure: 6/10


Dander Levels: 5/10


Egyptian Mau cats have a low to moderate dander production rate, which can be controlled by regular brushing.

Unlike some dogs, cats are generally not big slobbers, and the Egyptian Mau is no exception. Cats tend to drool when they are happy, healthy and relaxed.

The Egyptian Mau breed also love licking themselves clean every day which can increase your risk of direct exposure to dried saliva on their fur. Investing in some good cat wipes may be the solution to this problem if that’s the only instance of skin sensitivities you experience!

Grooming and Coat Maintenance

are egyptian mau hypoallergenic

The Egyptian Mau cats are generally clean cats that love taking good care of their coats. Therefore, they don’t need to be washed regularly. Unless it is a show cat, bathing this breed is rarely required.

Maintenance: 3/10


Ease of Grooming: 8/10


Risk of Allergen Exposure: 6/10


Make sure you wash them using a gentle, moisturising shampoo that will not leave their skin or coat too dry.

Even though the Egyptian Mau cats love self-grooming, brushing their coats can help improve their appearance. Therefore, you should brush his coat at least once per week. Regular grooming can also help you manage their shedding level and minimize the airborne release of dander and other allergens trapped in their coats.

In Love With This Breed and Need One Anyway? Tips for Reducing Allergies

The Egyptian Mau is a unique and rare cat breed that is sensitive to the feelings of the people around them. So, here are some tips to help you live with this breed peacefully if you simply can’t stand the idea of getting any other type of cat.

That being said, you should know that living with this breed still poses a great risk to your health. If you would like to look at other hypoallergenic cats, check out our guide!


Egyptian Mau is an incredibly intelligent breed that loves toys and games. And with patience and positive reinforcement, you can train the Egyptian Mau to do anything, including playing fetch. So, we recommend that you teach them the following:

  • To never lick you
  • To stay away from your bedrooms
  • To always play within your house’s boundary
  • To stay away from your textile surfaces

Protect Your House

We recommend that you get the following allergy-fighting items to help keep your indoor air quality as pristine as possible:

  • A high-quality vacuum cleaner
  • An air purifier
  • HEPA filters
  • Lint rollers to clean the textile surfaces

Final Thoughts

The Egyptian Mau is not considered a hypoallergenic cat by nature though may still be ok for those with mild sensitivities. As we have mentioned, no cat is 100% guaranteed not to cause allergies, and the Egyptian Mau is no exception.

This breed is known to shed constantly, so make sure you have your allergy medication near you. And if possible, try and reduce the number of textile surfaces (which can trap fur) inside the house.

You can also try spending some time with this cat to find out if it is hypoallergenic to you before making the jump and bringing one home!

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