About Hypoallergenic Homes

The Idea

Hypoallergenic Homes started with one simple idea. We wanted to make the world of hypoallergenic products both easy to understand and backed by real evidence.

It’s a murky space we realised! And the deeper we dug, the more we noticed a distinct lack of detailed, data-driven and expert-reviewed information. Let alone stuff that’s written in plain English!

The Problem We Choose to Tackle Head On

We noticed that advertisers have their own agendas and market their products as ‘hypoallergenic’ even though they often show no real evidence to support this claim. And how are you supposed to know this when comparing products on a grocery store shelf?

We have also noticed that more people are searching for solutions to allergic reactions caused by everyday products found in their homes. Things they had no idea they could be allergic to.

These people, much like yourself perhaps, turn to Google or online forums first, looking for solutions. The thing is, they often only find general, surface-level information that is deemed as potentially harmful by medical professionals.

Our Mission & Solution

Driven by the single purpose of improving the quality of life of allergy sufferers all over the world, we commit ourselves to debunking the myths created by advertisers around ‘hypoallergenic’ pets, products and substances.

Our content dives deep into the details about what makes something hypoallergenic (as opposed to it being non-allergenic or allergenic) and whether it is safe for allergy sufferers to use in their home.

We have something here for everyone: women, men, children and pets who suffer from allergies can all experience more than just the hope of improved quality of life!

Our Promise

We promise to deliver content that is:

Our Content

We go above and beyond to bring you unbiased information you can trust, and best of all, we write in plain English.

Our content dives deep and reveals the secrets and truth behind products marketed as hypoallergenic.

We offer unbiased reviews, research, answers to common questions and important information about:

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